Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, March 2nd, 2019


What is HP CodeWars about?
It is a programming competition that has been taking place for 20+ years, starting in Houston (USA). It is now a well-known event among the American students. Today, the competition has spread to several HP sites in USA, Europe and Asia.
Who can participate?
For 2020 event, all the students from 3er d’ESO to 2on de Batxillerat or attending Formació Professional (up to 18 years old, only students born after 2002 included) even if they do not have advanced knowledge in programming but are fond of learning and competing! The participation in the event will be in groups of 3 students sharing one PC. Remember we’ll give registration priority to those teams including at least one girl!
Why is HP Barcelona organizing it?
We aim to raise the interest in computer Science among the youth, identify the talent among the local students and foster the use of English. We also target to promote an educational, collaborative and fun contest!
When will the competition take place and what is the agenda of the event?
The competition will take place on Saturday morning, the 7th of March 2020. We will welcome you early in the morning, give you breakfast and some instructions for the contest before the competition begins! Once it starts, no help from the teachers will be allowed nor the access to the Internet. The competition will last for 3 hours during which you will have to solve as many problems as you can. Afterwards, we'll invite you to lunch, and it will be time for raffles and prizes. You will also have the opportunity to visit our Experience Center.
How will the problems be? Which will be the level of difficulty?
The whole event and competition will be in English. There will be around 30 different problems of increasing difficulty, the first one will be the easiest and the last one the hardest. The more difficult the problem is, the more points you will earn by solving it! The 3 teams with the greater sum of points will be awarded with the 3rd, 2nd and the 1st prizes. The allowed programming languages are: C, C++, Python and Java. No matter if you are an expert in programming or not, you will be able to solve at least some problems, learn a lot, have fun and get ready for future editions!
Which will be the Prizes?
We are preparing great prizes for the 3 teams awarded. The first team will also be able to participate in the HP CodeWars competition in HP Houston held the next year. Among the prizes there will be HP gadgets and many surprises that will amaze you! We will also raffle cool gadgets, so everyone will get an opportunity to win something! There will be also a prize for the best Sub 16 team and best mixed or female teams.
How and when can I register for the event?
A school sponsor (teacher) must register the teams – always from the same school. As the number of participants is limited, we encourage you to register your teams right after the registration opens (early January) via this website. Please, remember a teacher must accompany the students during the whole event.
How to get ready for the competition?

Visit the Resources tab above to find some tips and tricks and resources to prepare the contest. You can refer to past editions’ problems in our website or visit the websites below. You will find in this booklet some examples of problems used in past editions!

What if I have more questions?
If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at