Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona, March 2nd, 2019

Rules and Guidelines


Find below the rules and guidelines applied for this year’s HP CodeWars Barcelona edition.

For any questions, please contact us at

Barcelona-specific Guidelines

Student Eligibility

  • HP CodeWars is open to students in 3r. d’ESO, 4rt d’ESO, Batxillerat or Cicles Formatius de Grau Mitjà (students born after 2002).
  • A team sponsor must be a representative from the school, preferably a teacher.
  • You can register up to 3 teams per school
  • In case that we open a second round registration, we will allow then a third team for the schools - the teams from the same school can have the same sponsor (preferably only one).
  • HP reserves the right to disqualify a student/team in case they do not meet the eligibility criteria.


  • Each team is responsible to bring their own laptop and battery charger (only one PC per team is allowed). We recommend to bring a second laptop as backup.
  • Printers or other electronic devices are NOT allowed inside the venue.
  • NOTE – Mobile phones and broadband network cards are NOT allowed during the competition. If this is not respected, your team is subject to immediate disqualification. May you need to be contacted via mobile phone during the competition, your phone should be left with your team sponsor and you should notify HP CodeWars staff
  • Laptops must have an internet browser like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

Development Software

Development software allowed for competition:

  • Java. Suggest Java 7u51, though any recent version should be fine.
  • Python 2, Python 3.
  • C/C++. You need an ANSI-compatible C/C++ compiler that can create a self-contained Windows command-line executable.

Competition Format

  • Teams need to solve around 30 problems in 3 hours.
  • Each problem carries a point value. Values increase as problems get more difficult.
  • The goal is to collect as many points as possible within the stipulated time (3 hours). At the end of the event, the team with more points is the winner!
  • In case of draw, HP CodeWars judges will get a result (based on the team code optimization).
  • Top three teams with the highest amount of points will be awarded.

Competition Rules / Guidelines

  • All the participating students and sponsor (school representative) must register the day of the event with an official ID (DNI, NIE). Participants should carry in a visible place the ID card issued by HP at all times during the event.
  • The judges' rulings are final.
  • All solutions must programmatically determine the results. In other words, your solution cannot just print out a solution to a problem that you determined by hand. The judges will be using some different data sets for your programs at the judging table.
  • Your team will have a number of problems to choose. You might not be able to solve them all, so we recommend to study them and choose your problems wisely.
  • HP CodeWars uses a custom browser-based submission/judging/scoring system via either a hardwired network or 802.11x wireless network. Please ensure that your computer has an Ethernet port, and is wireless-capable before the event day. If you can connect to a public wireless network (e.g. the public library or Panera) and browse the Internet, you should be in good shape. Some school laptops have security lockdowns that prevent wireless configuration, so please verify this before the event.
  • Each team will receive a unique team login and password for the competition.
  • The participant will have to set-up in the competition system using the provided user name and password.
  • The code will be written directly on the competition software provided by HP, so there is no need to install or bring any SDK, IDE, etc.
  • There is no limit to the number of submissions you can make to solve a given problem. However, note that in the case of a tie score, the winners will be determined by the fewest incorrect submissions.
  • Any necessary corrections to contest problems will be displayed to all competitors on your team page in the contest system, and announced in the contest room(s).
  • Team sponsors (teachers) are not allowed to be with the team during the competition.
  • Additional rules, modifications, and more details will be made available to you on the day of the event.
  • Kindly note that all the students have to punctual to setup their computers so that the contest begins on time.